Grand Mufti: all churches on the Arabian Peninsula should be destroyed

Grand Mufti: all churches on the Arabian Peninsula should be destroyed
Sheikf Abdul responds to an organization on the Kuwaiti ban on building new churches in the country. For the religious leaders only one religion on the Arabian Peninsula. The fear of the Christians and the silence of Western countries.
Riyadh (AsiaNews / Agencies) – All the churches located on the Arabian Peninsula must be destroyed. This is the opinion expressed by Saudi Arabia’s highest religious authority, Grand Mufti, Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah, in response to the request of the delegation of a Kuwaiti nongovernmental organization, the Society of the Revival of Islamic Heritage. The delegation wanted a clarification on the basis of Islamic law with regard to the proposal made by the Parliamentary Assembly of Kuwait, to prohibit the construction of new churches in the country. A proposal not accepted by Parliament.

The Grand Mufti, who is also head of the Saudi Supreme Council of Islamic Scholars replied by quoting the prophet Mohammed, according to which only one religion should exist on the Arabian Peninsula. As part of the Peninsula, the conclusion of the Grand Mufti Kuwait must destroy all the churches in its territory.

The response of the highest religious authority in Saudi Arabia – where there are no churches, although there are at least a million Christians – supersedes the proposal of the Kuwaiti parliamentarian, Osama al-Munawar, according to whom existing churches could stay, but the construction of new buildings of religions other than Muslim should be prohibited.

The statement of the Saudi Grand Mufti was greeted with concern by Christians living in Arab countries and has caused mixed reactions in the media of the Middle East. But it has practically been ignored in Europe where March 19 a report on intolerance and discrimination against Christians in Europe was released, which certifies hundreds of cases on the Old Continent in 2011.

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