Mgr. Martinelli: Gadaffi can still determine the fate of Libya


 In Italy for health and safety reasons the bishop of Tripoli prays for the end of the war and the rapid reconstruction of the country. Catholic Filipino nurses in hospitals are still active despite the clashes.Rome (AsiaNews) – “There can be no illusions about having won the war. The presence of Gaddafi can still determine the fate of Libya. The situation is very delicate and dangerous. I pray that everything will end as soon as possible”, says Mgr. Giovanni Innocenzo Martinelli, Apostolic Vicar of Tripoli, who is currently in Italy for health and safety reasons.The bishop ensures that the small Catholic community of Tripoli is still active and according to local sources is not in danger. “Filipino nurses and doctors – he explains – are still working with dedication in hospitals and among the people. Those who have fled will return as soon as the fighting has stopped. “The prelate says he is willing to return to Libya and will do so as soon as the situation allows. “I hope – he adds – that the two sides will reach a solution quickly to rebuild the country and return to normal



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