Twin bombing in Damascus. Damage for the Melkite cathedral

Twin bombing in Damascus. Damage for the Melkite cathedral
The provisional toll is 40 dead and 170 wounded. AsiaNews sources describe him as one of the most violent attacks since the war against Assad. The explosion was felt throughout the city. Struck the headquarters of military intelligence and other buildings of the scheme.

Damascus (AsiaNews) – “It ‘s one of the most violent attacks since the start of the war between the Assad regime and the rebels. The explosion was heard throughout the city. The shock wave damaged buildings and injured people even several kilometers from the scene of the attack, even the Melkite cathedral was damaged. ” This is what AsiaNews sources report of the twin bombings that struck this morning south of Damascus. According to state media, there are at least 40 dead and 170 wounded, many in serious condition.

The sources said the two bombs exploded at 7.55 (local time) on the highway linking the capital with the southern cities of the country, during rush hour. There are several public buildings in the area, including the headquarters of military intelligence, the probable target of the attack. “No one has claimed responsibility for the act – they explain – the population is disoriented and afraid.” However, the regime says those responsible are the Free the Syrian Army “terrorists”. Instead according to the opposition, the attack was organized by the regime to discredit the rebels and foment tensions.

To shed some light on the incident, a UN observer delegation led by Gen. Robert Mood, which was involved yesterday in an attack on a UN convoy in Daraa (southern Syria), arrived at the scene.

This is the second serious attack in Damascus reported since the beginning of the year and takes place just days before the first democratic elections in the history of the country, boycotted however, by the opposition. On 26 April a suicide bomber blew himself up on a bus in the city center killing 10 people. (SC)

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