Fifth Anniversary of the Approved Text of the Liturgical Renewal of the “Divine Mysteries”

Fifth Anniversary of the Approved Text of the Liturgical Renewal of the “Divine Mysteries
which is Celebrated in the Chaldean Catholic Diocese of St. Peter the Apostle


Emmanuel III Delly
by grace, Catholicos – Patriarch of Babylon of the Chaldeans,
to our brethren, honored among all, the venerable Metropolitans and Bishops,
and to our beloved sons the priests, honored monks, chosen deacons, and nuns,
and the rest of the ecclesial body: peace and blessings in our Lord.

Over the duration of many years, the Fathers of the Synod of the Church of the East of the Chaldeans studied assiduously the renewal of the Rite of the Sanctification of the Divine Mysteries, such that it may be, for the faithful of this time, a spring of spiritual benefits and fount of all blessings. Indeed, this our Liturgy has been handed over to us from the blessed Apostles, the preachers of the East, and from their disciples Mar Addai and Mar Mari. Because of this, the Liturgical Committee was appointed for this goal: to study and prepare an edition complete, corrected, and cleansed of all novelties and additions, that the Liturgy of the Mysteries may be seen in its original limpidity and apostolic originality. After much labor, the Liturgical Committee completed its work in all carefulness and great diligence, and then the Fathers of the Synod sent a copy of this Liturgy to the Apostolic See, through the Oriental Congregation in great Rome, that it may be studied by scholars expert in eastern liturgies. Not a short time later, a copy was sent again to the Liturgical Committee of the Synod with a few observations. After changing those things according to the observations of the Apostolic See, the Liturgy of the Sanctification was corrected and approved by the Fathers of the Synod of our Chaldean Church in the month of November, 2005 AD.

After this procedure was completed, the Fathers of the Synod wished this New Liturgy to be printed, so that it may be found in all of our churches on the Feast of the Epiphany of our Lord of the year 2007 AD, and to celebrate with this New Liturgy for the duration of three years ad experimentum; and when the three years would be finished, that is, at the beginning of the year 2011 AD, the Fathers of the Synod would receive observations and opinions coming from priests, deacons and faithful, so that the Fathers of the Synod may know the mind of the assembly of God regarding the quality of the New Liturgy, and if people from among the faithful received spiritual benefit from it, according to the expectation of the Synod.

Indeed, many benefits are gathered from this New Liturgy, aside from the fact that there has not yet been given a space or chance for an addition or subtraction to it, and there is one harmony, one accord, and one goal of the Liturgy, just as it was from of old.

We have hope that all the faithful may gather from the spiritual considerations that this Liturgy contains, for the sake of their souls and for the sake of the faithful progress of our Church.

Given at the Patriarchal villa in Baghdad,
the Feast of the Honor of the Body of Our Lord,
June 15, 2006 AD

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