In Iraq, Christians are the victims of heinous, unbelievable crimes, because they are an easy target: they are educated, polite, they have no army to protect them, and above all they have no weapons”. The Executive Director of the Chaldean Federation of America, Joseph Kassab, tells ACS about the dramatic situation of Christians in Iraq, explaining the reasons behind the massive flight that, since the start of the war, has seen the Christian community drop from 1,200,000 in 2003 to today’s mere 300 thousand. “Most of them have been forced to migrate north in search of safety. Then, there are another 3 to 4 thousand people who have sought asylum in Europe or in its neighbouring countries, such as Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Turkey or Egypt. Fundamentalists single out the weaker ones, those who cannot defend themselves. We long for peace, we do not like fighting”. So, “the Christian community risks being driven out of not only Iraq but all of the Middle East”, adds Kassab, who thinks “urgent action is needed, the public must be informed and made aware as much as possible, and pressure must be made, so that the devotees can go back to the lands they have been living in for over 5 thousand years, in the one which has been the cradle of Christianity. Christians can promote reconciliation among all Iraqis. Without them, Iraq would not be the country as we have known it for centuries”.

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